Very versatile slitter rewinder with central drum with peripheral center winding on two independent shafts. It is suitable for processing plastic films, bare and coupled aluminum, copper, non-woven fabric and various materials. Unwinder with or without shaft. Cutting with razor blades and / or blades-counter blades. Winding with frictioned and / or pneumatic expansion shafts



Cutter, with spool winding, of various plastic materials. Number of fuzes variable from 2 up to 24. Winding system with single or multiple reel winding shafts. Unwinder with or without shaft, cutting with circular blades-counter blades, or with razor blades.



Slitter rewinder for paper for high productivity and large diameters. Unwinder with heads and double motorization Cutting with blades-counter blades of various types. Winding on motorized support rollers and motorized rider roll. Fully computerized machine.



Slitter rewinder with winding on two fixed shafts. Suitable for working plastic films in general and with particular precautions also aluminum. Cutting with razor blades and / or blades-counter blades. Unwinder with or without shaft, fixed, mobile or pivoting winders, with pneumatic expansion or friction.